Heroic Leadership Course

A great leader knows that their ability to make and manage agreements is their strong asset when it comes to success. Solid agreements are the foundation of a strong management/employee relationship. Managers and employees that cultivate an environment where agreements are utilized to inspire motivation and handle challenges have a powerful advantage over managers that attempt to prod and push.
In the Heroic Leadership Webinar, managers and employees learn the tools and strategies necessary to motivate each other and inspire a culture of honesty and empowerment. During six one-hour long Webinar Sessions the following subjects are covered.
Day One: Heroic Agreements
As Manager / Leader we are always looking for ways to provoke inspired action from our team. Day One is an introduction to creating a culture of powerful and effective agreements in the office.
Day Two: Delivering Agreements and  Managing Agreements
Here we examine strategies for delivering clear and compelling agreements to our team and inviting them to participate.
An agreement is a living thing and the Manager is the curator. On this day, we also discuss strategies for keeping agreements in the forefront of the team’s role and using the process of agreement management to stimulate growth in their spirit and skill-set.
Day Three: Company Strategy, Ethics and Agreement Audit

An open and provocative group discussion in the company’s current strategy – it’s principals and the foundational agreements that keep them alive.
Each participant is asked to examine their role, as both teammate and leader, and dialog about their personal agreements

Day Four: Broken Agreements
A broken agreement can be a disaster or a powerful opportunity. The manager who knows how, can use a broken agreement with our teammate has a unique and evolutionary tool.
Day Five: The Making of a Hero
While solid agreements have many applications toward efficiency and reaching goals – this day, we share strategies for using daily agreements toward a teammate’s long-term growth.
Day Six: Review and Discussion
Day Six is an open dialog into the culture of heroic agreements – the deepest context, the strategies and finally an exploration into anything that make challenge it’s tactics.
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